Clare Family Learning Project E Newsletter Winter 2016


Learning Pathways: Leading Our Children to Success in School and Life
Heather Weiss, M. Elena Lopez, and Margaret Caspe

Now is the time to come together to insure that all our children have the opportunities to succeed in school, in the workplace, and in a global society. Our children’s success will depend on our working together to build learning pathways that equip children in every community in the country to thrive in our rapidly changing world. Our nation is in a period of transformation, one in which advances in brain science, technology, and education clearly show how children, from birth on, learn, not just in classrooms, or on school days, but anywhere and anytime.

From Harvard Family Research Project  November 2016



Learning Unlimited UK Active Citizenship and English (ACE) project supported non-EU women to develop their skills and confidence in English as well as the knowledge and confidence to take an active part in everyday life in the UK. A series of readers was produced written by learners and volunteers. Support activities and tutor instructions to extend learning are available to download free. Books can be ordered in any combination, priced individually at £4.95 sterling. Any 10 books will cost $44.55., 20 books cost £84.15. The books are ideal for mixed level groups with two graded versions of each story.


Choosing Childcare Early Years Education

Barnardos has a new free booklet for parents to help you make decisions about the best early years care and education setting for your child. Quality Early Years Care and Education: What to Look for in an Early Years Service also contains detailed information about why quality really matters in the early years and looks at how young children learn and what they need in order to be able to learn best. It includes a set of questions you can ask a service to help you determine the quality of the service. Order hard copies by contacting

Promoting Family Literacy/Learning

ABC Life Literacy Canada have downloadable resources for Family Literacy Day.


Ideas for sharing Family Learning work

National Centre for Families Learning USA have put together a Family Literacy Month, click on any date in November 2016 to find one of the many facets of family literacy.


Family Learning Festival ideas

UK based but using Pinterest boards for interesting family learning ideas.      The Family Learning Festival Pinterest boards have lots of great activities collected from all over the web - from arts and crafts, through science to digital fun. You will need to create a Pinterest account for full access.