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Families Reading Every Day FRED

Week 1

Topics and Activities

Introduction and brief overview for parents

Why reading with your child so important?

Enjoying a good story! Tutor invites parents to get comfortable and listen to a story together!

Choosing a book for your child: What makes a ‘good book’ for children?

Parents choose a book for their child which they take home. They can also take and use a reading-log if this would be motivating for them


Week 2

Topics and Activities

Parents share their experiences: Feedback from parents on their chosen books

Tips and demonstration on how to read with your child

Talking about books and developing ‘book talk’ with children

Parents choose and take home another book and use some of the ‘book talk’ ideas with their child

Week 3

Topics and Activities

Children could join parents for some of this session and get involved choosing their own book. Parents and children could give feedback from previous book

Hands-on-Activity: Making a book together

Parents and children read together and listen to their stories.

Parents get a copy of websites they can look at before the next session


Week 4

Topics and Activities

Parents choose final book

How best to help reluctant and struggling readers

·         Tips Handout (from dyslexia action website


Practical ideas to encourage family reading habits:

·         Online resources: Interesting websites and You Tube clips

·         Creating a positive reading environment at home

·         Joining your local library

-Parents look at library website and do short related activity (possible library


-Parent’s Exit Questionnaire and Evaluation-

FRED-Families Reading Every Day: To encourage parents to engage with their children’s emerging literacy and to develop the habit of reading regularly with their children

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