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Families Reading Every Day (FRED) Project in Clare,  has been adopted from the work of the Fatherhood Institute UK. Fathers’ Story Week (UK) is an annual celebration of the power of dads’ reading with their children. Helping dads and children get the reading habit

Children whose dads read regularly with them, do better at school – and fathers who value education and get involved in school life can hugely improve their children’s life chances. This year Fatherhood Institute have new lesson plans and activities to try, with a special focus on getting dads reading with their children. Their simple, effective and sustainable reading programme makes dads and children reading together an everyday expectation. During this four-week programme, each father documents the amount of time spent reading to their children and the number of books read.

At the end you hold an event to celebrate all the great work the dads and children have been doing.

Free Ebook for Parents on Reading with Your Baby and Child from Barnardos, Ireland.

Are you a parent of a baby, toddler or young child? Would you like to find out how you can help with your child’s reading skills and educational development? Our free ‘Your Child’s Literacy Skills’ ebook has easy to understand tips on fun ways you can enjoy books and language with your child.

Quick Reads Family Reading Break Pack costs £35 Sterling including p and p. for more info

National Literacy Trust UK has good resources on Words for Life for various age groups:

Tips for Reading Bedtime Stories Michael Rosen shares his thoughts in a short video

Writing Stories

Story prompts has very good pictures to get learners thinking about stories.

Story Game Tutors can support learners make a game from a book using this free downloadable template pack. It can support the work of storybags.


Is feidir liom  (Irish for Yes I can!)  is an  Irish course for parents to help support children’s homework an online free Irish course from Navan Education Centre running for a number of years now. Very good for parents in class or to support parents with homework help, has person pronouncing Irish words and sentences.