Department of Education and Skills Ireland (2009)

Family Literacy         

Focus is on literacy/numeracy skills

  • Improving English, Maths and Language skills of parent
  • Improve parents ability to help their children learn

Improve the developmental skills of young children and their acquisition of literacy, language and numeracy

Family Learning

Focus is on a positive learning experience with embedded literacy  and numeracy skills as a natural part of the session

  • Designed to enable adults and children to learn together and/or
  • To enable parents/carers to learn how to support their children’s learning
  • To develop skills and knowledge of adult and child
  • Help parents/carer to be more active supporting their children’s learning and learn about the impact of this support
  • Identify opportunities for learning at home and in the community

From DEIS (Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools) Family Literacy Guidelines for Providers 2009 Department of Education and Skills, Ireland.