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Report by Susan Weir and Sylvia Denner (2013)

‘The DEIS programme has been in place now in primary and post-primary schools for seven years. The programme, which was introduced by the Department of Education and Science (DES) in 2006/2007, is aimed at addressing the educational needs of children and young people from disadvantaged communities. In its most intensive form (i.e. in The School Support Programme or SSP) – programme participants are entitled to a range of supports including access to additional funding, and to literacy and numeracy and other programmes such as Home/School/Community Liaison service and the School Completion Programme.’ Some positive news from DEIS (Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools)…Reading and Maths scores all grade levels increased significantly in three years, with a striking reduction in low scorers. Absence rates lower, less than 1% exemptions from tests due to learning disabilities or poor English levels, levels of disadvantage during this economic period likely to have increased. Aspects of home, pupil and school factors are now being examined.