Parents in 1994 attending literacy classes requested help with their children’s homework. The first family learning classes started as a pilot project. The work was developed by Clare Adult Basic Education Service. Clare Family Learning Resource Pack was published in 2000, to support parents helping their children’s emerging literacy and numeracy skills. As courses were piloted, research carried out, more resources were developed in response to local and national needs. Clare Family Learning Project is known nationally and internationally regarding programmes, training and support.

Clare Family Learning Project developed a six minute Family Learning DVD to explain the key messages and showcase the range of activities that might be covered. This is available online to download.

Family Learning in Action was published in 2010 to support tutors nationally. There are twenty different course outlines with a sample lesson plan for each one. Literacy and numeracy links and evaluation tools are also included.

Helping Children Do Well in School (2011) Czech and Slovak parents in Ennis requested support on how to help their children to do well in school. A small booklet in English/Slovak and English/Czech  local to the Ennis area was developed and translated. An English only version is now available to use with other parents new to Ireland. Children in a local primary and second level contributed art work. These are available on the download page or click on the live links above.