0-3 Age Group

Rhymes and songs from around the world Available in many languages and from each continent!

Bringing Books to Life is a 6 minute film with written a sentence in English between each short piece of film. Parents mainly speak in Welsh. It has lovely parent, babies and young children sharing books. Lovely to show parents to see how it can be done and tips for what to do if children aren’t interested at the time.

Maias reading journey follows the same child who is filmed as she is read to and begins to read herself. It shows how children develop listening, speaking and reading skills from birth to 2 years as parents read with their child.

Visit Talk to your baby for a list of resources to support parents on a range of topics about their new baby and as the baby grows.

Zero to three has a clear hand-out on how children learn for parents to get key facts. USA

http://www.zerotothree.org/public-policy/policy-toolkit/early-literacywebmarch1-6.pdf Gives very good reasons and facts why reading with 0-3year olds is so important. 2011 research

Tips for Reading Bedtime Stories Michael Rosen shares his thoughts in a short video

Free Ebook for Parents on Reading with Your Baby and Child  Are you a parent of a baby, toddler or young child? Would you like to find out how you can help with your child’s reading skills and educational development? Our free ‘Your Child’s Literacy Skills’ ebookhas easy to understand tips on fun ways you can enjoy books and language with your child.

Under 5s has a wealth of resources for small children who want to pretend they are doing homework when their older brother and sisters are doing theirs! Click on the topic to open up free downloadable activities.

NALA have a website to support parents: www.helpmykidlearn.ie .

It includes audio and video content to support parents with literacy difficulties and links to others websites providing more detailed information on specific topics.

It is for parents, grandparents and carers of children aged 0 – 12 years and is searchable according to the child’s age. All a person has to do is enter their child’s age and they will be presented with 25 ideas for helping children with talking, playing, reading, writing and working with numbers.

NALA are also encouraging parents to sign-up for monthly email updates and top tips on supporting a child’s literacy and numeracy.

Building partnerships between Parents and Practitioners is a resource developed by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment in 2009 (Children 0-6). Aistear is the Irish Early Childhood Curriculum Framework. Find out ways parents can support young children’s learning and development in and around the home on this National Council for Curriculum and Assessment Irish website.