Dads & Parenting

  • A global research review by the FI and Yale University in the US has called for a ‘game change’ in the commissioning, design and evaluation of parenting programmes, to get fathers more involved and thus improve child outcomes and value-for-money.
    The review, published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, found that while fathers have substantial impact on child development, well-being, and family functioning, they are largely ignored by parenting programmes in the UK and across the world.
  • Panter-Brick, C., Burgess, A., Eggerman, M., McAllister, F., Pruett, K. and Leckman, J. F. (2014). Practitioner Review: Engaging fathers – recommendations for a game change in parenting interventions based on a systematic review of the global evidence. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry. Advanced online publication. USA
  • Ten top tips on Engaging fathers significant men into family learning provision.
  • Dad info has a huge amount of information for fathers. Under Play there are a number of ideas and a list of storybooks. UK.
  • Fatherhood Institute UK has lots of reports, resources and information on the important role dads play in their children’s lives. There is a guide for supporting boys under 5. There are short five minute digests of key research findings on Why Dads Matter … in the early years, …during school and ….for older children also available on this website.