Digital Media

  • a website that brings  schools, families & the digital world together. You may need to download some programmes for items to work. Divided into sections e.g. teachers or families.
  • The Digital Families programme is delivered by schools and uses free websites to get families working together and practising their learning skills.
    The course offers teachers, and tutors working with schools and families, a clear strategy to engage parents and help them develop their skill set, confidence and ideas to help their child to learn more effectively at home.
  • Learning from Digital Stories Visit  and get some ideas to embed literacy and valuing lived experiences of learners. Can be a used as a family learning resource.
  • Kids Online Report 2009 gives an overview of internet use of children and their parents Europe wide. Page 10 shows a table of opportunities and risks to children. Page 19 states parents in Ireland are most likely to use software tools to minimize risk to children online. P24 mentions that parents who are most anxious about the internet use of their children are parents who are not so familiar with internet. Media Literacy (p25) is defined as ‘ … the ability to access, analyze and evaluate the power of images, sounds and messages.’
  • Get your folks online is an online resource including lesson plans to get older people using IT. The improvers course includes using You-tube and listening to radio online. This could be used in a grandparents or parents working with children session.