It’s a national mathematics competition, based online, that features all the ingredients of a good gaming with levels, energy points, leaderboards and bracing competition. It’s exactly the kind of stuff that distracts children from their homework. Three thousand kids, from around 4th class up to sixth year of post-primary, now compete on Mathletes, with some spending more than 10 hours a week, voluntarily, doing maths exercises online. For fun. Mathletes: A new way of making learning maths a game that’s worth playing

Boys reluctant writers.  Girls more keen on writing than boys

Boys are twice as likely to say they don’t enjoy writing compared to girls, according to a survey. Of the 35,000 eight to 16 year olds spoken to by the National Literacy Trust, 20% of boys said they didn’t enjoy writing at all. Boys were also more likely to believe that there is no point to learning spelling and grammar if you can use a spellchecker.

Nearly a third of boys said they rarely or never wrote outside of the classroom, compared to 17% of girls, and one in five boys said they’d be embarrassed if their friends caught them doing this.

Mike Feerick, Irish founder of Alison, the free online educational site. The range of courses is set to expand next year, and the company has started to align much of its free content with the Irish and UK school curriculum. “With the help of Project Maths teachers in Ireland, we have aligned a series of 300 maths videos to the ordinary and higher level maths Leaving Cert curriculum. Already, many hundreds of teachers and students are using these resources’.


IXL website has Maths resources for Junior Infants up to Sixth Years. The website was set up in 1998 has supports for all stages of maths from junior infants to Leaving Certificate in second level in Ireland. There are lots of interactive tasks. If you get the wrong answer an explanation pops up. Clear choice of options on home page.   Khan Academy is offering free tutorials on maths, science, economics and computers. Maths tutorials are very clear. (American voice).

Fun Maths activity for all ages:
YouTube video showing you how to create a Mobius strip and five experiments. this link gives you the maths behind it.

Engineers Ireland has provided Online Maths Support. These video tutorials are divided into maths curriculum topics focused at 7-11, 12 -15, and 16–18 age groups. Leaving Certificate Honours Maths has a lot of useful content.

Maths for Parents Learning maths online and there is support for parents to help with their children’s learning. UK.

As people stretch their money during the recession, NALA has developed a support website called . This can be used in a family learning maths session. There is access to a variety of online resources.