Other Resources

The National Centre for Families Learning (USA )


Have developed a number of easy to read photo novels in English or Spanish getting key messages across to parents about how important parents are in their children’s learning

Getting involved could be used in a class for reading together as there are images and it’s more interesting to look at than a hand-out with key points.

Reading together looks at how a school going child can get support at home on learning new words etc.

There are lots of good quality family learning resources at Excellence Gateway a UK organisation http://www.excellencegateway.org.uk/node/17599

No Strings website uses puppetry to teach various issues especially in poorer countries. Good for teaching development education e.g. equality and fairness.

Ideas can be transferred to family learning topics.

For a good guide to setting up school gardens look up this resource.

National Institute of Adult and Continuing Education (NIACE UK) has a number of free resources for tutors online. Learning Together (Sept. 2010) a guide for facilitators of informal adult learning who want to develop their skills;

Transformation Fund Supporting Families paper, Sept. 2010, gives examples of programmes that have worked in UK. http://shop.niace.org.uk/catalogsearch/advanced/result/?name=Transformation+Fund+Supporting+Families+Paper&author=&subject=&type=&year=   There are a number of resources for working with grandparents and many other free downloadable resources on family learning at the NIACE shop webpage.

Fun…booklets are available free to download at same web address, Fun outdoors, Fun role play, Fun games, Fun with signs, notices and messages, Fun at home, Fun stories, songs and rhymes, Count on me. 200 ways to say Well Done is also available in ten different languages.

Growing up in Ireland. National Longitudinal Study of Children. Influences on 9 year olds’ Learning: Home, School and Community. By Economic Social Research Institute, Trinity College Dublin and Department of Children and Youth Affairs. 2012.

Latest figures on European Education Systems:
Latest update about facts and figures about our education systems in Europe from Eurydice.