Fathers’ Story Week (UK) is an annual celebration of the power of dads’ reading with their children. Helping dads and children get the reading habit

Children whose dads read regularly with them, do better at school – and fathers who value education and get involved in school life can hugely improve their children’s life chances. There are lesson plans and activities for you to try, with a special focus on getting dads reading with their children. And we’re offering you the chance to sign up for FRED (Fathers Reading Every Day) – our simple, effective and sustainable reading programme that makes dads and children reading together an everyday expectation. During this four-week programme, each father documents the amount of time spent reading to their children and the number of books read. At the end you hold an event to celebrate all the great work the dads and children have been doing. Free resources when you register at UK

Quick Reads Family Reading Break Pack costs £35 Sterling including p and p. for more info

Bringing Books to Life is a 6 minute film with written a sentence in English between each short piece of film. Parents mainly speak in Welsh. It has lovely parent, babies and young children sharing books. Lovely to show parents to see how it can be done and tips for what to do if children aren’t interested at the time.