Children and students who write by hand learn better than those who type, according to study in 2011. Prof Anne Mangen, of the University of Stavanger in Norway

Story prompts has very good pictures to get learners thinking about stories.

Story Game Tutors can support learners make a game from a book using this free downloadable template pack. It can support the work of storybags.

www.makingbooks.com has lots of ideas and images of books that are easy to make.

Young people’s writing: Attitudes, behaviour and the role of technology.
This report outlines the findings from 3001 pupils aged 8-16 from England and Scotland, who completed an online survey in May 2009. It explores gender and age differences, and examines the link between socio-economic background and writing. Furthermore, it explores young people’s writing with respect to mobile phone ownership, having a blog and having a profile on a social networking site. It concludes with practical and policy implications. November 2009.